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It all starts with YOU!​


As an individual you can teach yourself so much just by reading, watching and listening to the long list of resources that we have recommended for you.


And then there is the even more valuable process of connecting in with the Indigenous peoples on which land you reside upon.


There is no formula, there is only a commitment to the journey.


​As an individual, you also have the power and capacity to inspire others. Below is a list of things you can do to spark the flame of change within your own community, work place, family or organisation.



Nothing is quite as important as connecting personally with Indigenous mob themselves. You may have a local health service, NGO, action group or community that are looking for volunteers or who would just appreciate you popping in to introduce yourself.


Sometimes there may be a local issue they need help with getting attention on, you could be an ally and work under their guidance. 

Please keep in mind however not to have unrealistic expectations. For some Indigenous people, they need time and trust to share their stories. For others they may be stretched in their personal lives and can feel fatigued by the constant asking to share and educate non Indigenous people. 

It is very important that you can read the signs and show respect along every step. 



You may like to form a group in your community that share a common passion - to learn together. You could meet weekly, monthly etc to discuss certain themes that you have researched for the month. You can share what you have learnt and you may also want to invite local mob to come and share from their first hand experiences. Maybe there is a local issue concerning local Indigenous mob that needs attention or support. Whatever the formulae, you are creating a group that is committed to keeping the learning going and the conversation flowing. 



Films and Documentaries are powerful conversation starters that are very useful when you are trying to raise important points.


You may like to organise a screening of a particular film or documentary in your community, workplace, organisation or educational institution that is followed by a discussion. These may be one off events, or you may like to commit to doing a series of these across the whole year.


Please take a look at the list of films and documentaries on our Resource page. 


We highly advise finding out when Dr Gondarra's film Ḻuku Ngärra: The Law of the Land is screening near you or you may want to organise a screening yourself. 



For all the book lovers, maybe your monthly book club meeting could have an Indigenous theme? 


You and your friends could commit to reading a selection of books we have on our Resource page for this year? 


We highly advise reading at least one book from the Henry Reynolds collection, he is a fantastic historian who has written many books on Indigenous history. We also highly advise Richard Trudgen's 'Why Warriors Lie Down and Die' book. 

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